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      • Families, Children:
      • Apres Ski, Night Life
      • Groups:
      • Non-Skiers:
      • Great Shopping:
      • Village Atmosphere:
      • Beginner:
      • Intermediate:
      • Advanced:
      • Snowboard:
      • Total 35km

      • 2 Black Slopes
      • 8 Red Slopes
        Village height:
      • 4 Blue Slopes
        Highest lift:
      • Total Lifts 13

      • Chair Lifts
      • Drag lifts
      • Gondolas
    Situated on the sunny Streuböden plateau (790m), the town of Fieberbrunn comfortably crosses the divide from traditional Tyrolean mountain village to a modern sports and holiday centre. Never adverse to change, the town only gained its present title in the 14th century when a visiting princess was cured of a sickness when she took a drink from a local spring, hence 'fever spring', a statue now marks the event. No doubt the princess was also enlivened by the magnificent alpine views afforded by the town's position, particularly from the 'Hochhörndlhutte' high on the Hochhörndl Mountain. Fieberbrunn is perhaps now most famous for its annual snowboarding competition in January and its 'Scheedorado' (Snowdorado) Ski area.
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    Travel Insurance : Winter Sports Travel Insurance - 1 week

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